How should I use the swing chart videos to my benefit?

1- Use it as a General Insight

You’ll see the way of looking at technical support and resistance. Also, after watching swing chart videos you’ll learn how to properly go through swing charts that are in $50 area.

Those are the ones that are better for swing trading. You will learn why is not the best idea to do stocks around $10-$20.

2 – Evaluate Your Current Position

When you are looking at charts it’s smart to revisit these things. You’ll learn that is important because you can notice some things that might be very useful for your process.

You might notice a stock is getting closer to resistance level or support level. All of that will give you another perspective.

3 – Use It as a Practice

The main thing is that you will get ideas that will help you. Maybe you’ll find some other stocks that are not on your radar.

You will become better by using all tips that these videos have for you.