How do I cancel my recurring membership plan?

We hate to see you go but we do apologize if the service wasn’t for you, wasn’t right, or you were just trying it out and it wasn’t a fit. Sometimes that happens.

So, if you are subscribed — you’re paying anything monthly or annually — you could go to our website. That would be

Once you’re there, you would hit the member’s log in page.

Type in your username and password.

If you forgot it, you can click the “Lost your password?” button and do a reset.

Once you are in, you’ll get to your account dashboard.

You go to ‘My Subscriptions’.

You will then see all your subscriptions. All you need to do, when you wanted to cancel your subscription is hit ‘Cancel’.

You could also check and remove ‘Payment Methods’.

Keep in mind…

It will take a couple of days for things to cancel in the system. So make sure to cancel 72 hours before your next renewal.